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The Magus Valley Press

Copyright © 100AP TMVP              Magestra, Monday, June 2, 459ap

The Kings, The Forest, And The War

Summary: The kings have made a short alliance and now exists six months of calm. The reason behind this is that the kings want to figure out the origins of the forest so they are sending in their top soldiers to investigate the Magus Forest. They know that the origin is  the tree of beginnings and thus they begin their travels to find the tree. Just as the tree spoke to Lumen, they figure they will speak to them again. What will happen? Find out in #Phantaysia

     Welcome to yet another new update of the world by yours truly, Prospera. I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain myself much to my beloved readers, but for those of you who haven't been keeping up to date ever since the year 100 AP, I am Prospera "The Wise" - The man who brings you all and any information on regards to the events of Phantaysia. I am one of three Divines who remains neutral and have been there from creation of forest to the latest updates of the war! Today, I bring you yet another new update - Something worth your time readers. Today, I bring you news from a very short alliance by Lumen and Tenebrae. Let us see what all this is about.
     Ever since the creation of the Magus Forest and the Faeries(creatures of the forest), the once proud Divine Race began to lose their immortality. It was a gruesome sight for us Divines as we were forced to 'expand' our numbers so our legacy could continue. The war began due to that very reason readers, The War of Phantaysia is a war to protect or destroy the forest. Why would a noble race do such a thing? Well, both Lumen and Tenebrae(the two kings) believe that the reason for the loss of immortality is due to the life force of the forest sapping away at ours; what other reason would there be for the tree to prosper and grow? However, there really is no evidence that shows such a thing and it took our fools of kings so many years to finally come to a conclusion and research the matter. Lumen and Tenebrae have formed a very short alliance and stop of the war to send in their top researchers to go into the depths of the forest, see whats in store, and communicate via telepathy of what is what. They feel the main source to speak to is the same source that spoke to Lumen before the war started, The Tree of Beginning, which is now hidden in the centre of the forest and guarded by enigmatic creatures.
     There now exists approximately 6 months of calm for all the people of Phantaysia as the two kings desperately try and find the origins of this forest. As I write this now readers, I feel the presence of my brothers sending in their top soldiers to examine the forest. Keep on reading my beloved readers, I am sure there will be more to come! Let us sit and await to see what will happen when the King's men walk into enemy territory. I am Prospera and this is The Magus Valley Press - See you next time.
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Submitted on
January 23, 2012