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The History of Phantaysia

There exists a world full of nothingness, an empty space with no inhabitants - The only thing there is a single source of energy that gives 'life' to this particular planet. For as long as this world has been here, nothing but that single source of energy existed within the centre of the world. As time passed by a large group of strange creatures landed upon this empty world, these creatures were known as 'Divines'. The Divines (humans) are a small race of human beings who have been granted immortality and as of currently, these divines were in search of a new home. At the time, there existed three brothers - the leaders of the race Lumen, Tenebrae, and Prospera were well respected and were chosen to be the selectors of the place they would call home. Lumen, who was the eldest brother found that the land would be plentiful and thus they all agreed to inhabit this world.

Many many years had come to pass and the Divine race had already built kingdoms, cities, and villages. When the time came to build a new kingdom on the center of the world, the divines noticed a large tree with an ominous aura - The aura spoke with Lumen speaking of the destruction of the world if this tree were to be destroyed. Lumen growing scared decided to leave the tree be. Decades came to pass as Tenebrae now wanted to build...around the tree, they needed more land! As they went to go see - the divines noticed that a very large forest had been created. This large forest was so thick and plentfiul that one couldn't simply walk through it without getting lost. The divines also noticed that the place was full of new life, creatures they had never seen before...Tenebrae decided to leave it be and they left once again. A century had come and gone and an unfortunate disaster began to stir up - The divines were losing their immortality. Divines were falling victim to time left and right, there was no way of stopping it. Lumen decided to talk to his brothers about what to do.

The conference didnt' end well, Tenebrae demanded that the forest be burnt down and destroyed but Lumen didn't like the idea. Tenebrae continued to disagree with his older brother and thus began a conflict. The two went to the opposite sides of the world and created their armies as war loomed over the atmosphere. Year after year the war continued, it was an endless war over a tree that seemed to be harming the divines. With nothing left to do, the few divines that had lost their immortality decided to visit the forest...They walked in....and walked out bearing children with mixed blood. These half-bloods didn't make the situation any better, they made them worse. When Lumen and Tenebrae heard of these half bloods, they knew that their race was now disgraced....For decades the half bloods were discriminated against as the war continued. Eventually, the kingdoms decided to approve of the half-breeds....they were still discriminated against with hard un-needed labor work but still were a great asset to the teams. These half bloods weren't allowed to go beyond the second rankings of the armies for they were harshly discriminated against. (That and...they have half blood powers I.E., vampires, werewolves, orcs, etc.).

The war still continues to this day. Not one side has taken victory and more and more innocent lives are lost all because of an argument formed centuries ago. What are the intentions of this magical forest? Why are the life forces of the Divines being taken away? What will happen next? Only the future holds these answers, and ladies and gentleman of Phantaysia - The future is in your hands.
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January 24, 2012


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