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January 24, 2012


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Rules of Phantaysia --…;|| History of Phantaysia --… || Races of Phantaysia --… || Rankings of Phantaysia --… || Events of Phantaysia --…
Character Creation of Phantaysia --… || The World of Phantaysia --…

The Races of Phantaysia

Humans who have reached immortality. Time does not effect them at all.

A term used by the Divines for creatures from the forest.  The creatures from the forest are strange beings, no one knows how or why the forest creates these creatures but the amount ofui life in there is qte fascinating.

A term used by the Divines for children born from Faeries and Divines. They are highly discriminated against but they have special powers that separate themselves from everyone else.

You are allowed to make your own race - whether it be actual mythical creatures (I.E., Vampires, Orcs, Werewolves, Sprites, Succubus, you name it!) or your own creations. You are allowed to make the half-breed of that race or stick to just being that race. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE SILLY CREATIONS! Things like - A bear with butterfly wings that can shoot lightning from its mouth.....And also, some 'mythical' creatures are to be restricted, I need to figure out who first by talking to my mods. This journal will be updated with all the races when I receive the character sheets.
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