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The Rankings of Phantaysia

The below are all the ranks of Phantaysia. Keep in mind that the abilities are just examples and aren't limited to just two. Feel free to be creative!

Each new player starts off at the lv.1 for each rank. The way to level up is to roleplay. To reach Lv.2 you need ten points.

How To Receive Points:
1 Roleplay = 1 Point
1 Great Roleplay(Good grammar, no mistakes, epic story) = 1 Point + 1 Point for roleplaying = 2 Points.
1 Event Roleplay = 1 Point + the above 2 Points = 3 Points

One can get to 10 points real fast! To reach lv.2.5 - 3 one must get 25 points after that, its a little harder but worth it!

For those who do not roleplay once a week, a point will be deducted. It's only fair, I need activity people :noes:

The Novice Class
The Novice Class is the starting class for all new participants of #Phantaysia. The Novice Class is nothing important, it is for those who wish to train their bodies so that they may learn of which ranks they will take in the future.

The Fighter Class
Those who wish to take the title as a Fighter are those who wish to be strong with close combat, high amounts of health, high defensive skills, and other skills that relate to survivability with a touch of power.
The Fighter Class, like all other classes, has three ranks: Warrior => Paladin/Berserker =>Templar/Warlord.

==>Lv.1 Warrior<==

The warriors rely on using swords and shields. they have higher survivability than other level 1 classes.

-Examples of Abilities-
Fury Slash - The user will swing his blade sending out a minor wave blade that slashes a single target ahead.
Shield Boost - Carrying a shield increases your stamina.

-Equipment of Choice-
Swords, Axes, Shields

==>Lv.2 Paladin or Berserker <==

After reaching a certain handling of the warrior class, one must choose whether he/she wishes to take the arts of damage or the arts of defense.

(Paladin) If one were to take the art of defense, that one will take the path of a paladin. Paladins are the opposite of berserkers. They lack in power but prove worthy in defense. They are the ones with the highest endurance and defense over any other lv.2 class. They can use supportive heal abiltiies to further assist themselves and allies. They are usually the "Tanks" of the group.

-Example of Abilities-
Shield Bash - The user bashes his/her shield forward knocking back while protecting oneself against a single target.
Heal - A minor leveled healing ability which can be used on an ally or oneself.

-Equipment of Choice-
Swords and Shields

(Berserker) Those who wish take the art of damage will take the path of a berserker. Berserkers are quick and powerful melee champs, the opposites of Paladins. They rely on quick strikes with dual wielding swords or axes to go in for a kill and escape before any damage is done to them.

-Example of Abilities-
Swift Strike - Dashes in with incredible speed to do a number of slashes on a single enemy target.
Typhoon - Swirls around gathering force energy from surrounding areas and sending it out in form of razor wind that cuts all around him.

-Equipment of Choice-
Swords, Axes, Two-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Axes

==>Lv.2.5 Martial Artist <==

Reaching the final level of the Fighter Class would mean one swears allegiance to the Kingdom. Those who do not wish to pledge their loyalty to the Kings of Phantaysia and either wish to be apart of the Forest or Neutral can take part in a new class. For the Fighter Class, this slight upgrade results to Martial Artists. Martial Artits dont' rely on weapons or armor, they rely on the use of their own body and the energy surrounding them. A Martial Artist has immense strength with punches and kicks as they are capable of focusing all their energy to one specific part of the body.

-Example of Abilities-
Dragon Kick - The user focuses all energy to the soles of the feet and forms a round house kick with such force that it knocks back a single enemy target quite a distance. The force is so strong that the single enemy target can be used as a projectile for other enemies.
Raging Tiger - The user kicks the air with such immense force that the air actually ignites and sends out a fireball to the enemy. (The credit of this move goes to :devsuperkamikazecactuar)

==>Lv.3 Templar or Warlord <==

Achieving mastery in the warrior class will result in the final ranking. Those who have chosen the path of the Paladin will become Templars and those who have chosen the path of the Berserker will become Warlords.

(Templar) The Templar has the highest endurance out of all classes. They are similar to Paladins in every way only much more skilled. They have very high defensive abilities and are capable of supporting more than one ally with support spells.  One would find defeating a Templar to be quite a challenge.

-Example of Abilities-
Ultimate Defense - The users holds up his/her shield and enchants it to form an invisible barrier that takes some of the damage from enemies.
Healing Wind - The user calls upon magical powers that create a seal that heals all allies within.

-Equipment of Choice-
Enchanted Armor, Shields, Swords

(Warlord) The Warlord doesn't grow all in power but takes a slight turn in taking endurance. The already powerful Warlord, one of the most feared melee fighters has the 2nd highest endurance out of all ranks. It's defensive abilities still lack but it can endure a bit more than normal in battle giving warlords the higher chance to do some heavy damage.

-Example of Abilities-
War Cry - The user fills himself with power and rages into battle. If the user is to fall, sheer will power will take over and the user will be able to avoid a single fatal attack.
Tempest - The user empowers his blades and rushes into battle. With the empowered blades, the user leaves behind a trail of energy which causes extra slashing damage.

-Equipment of Choice-
Empowered Swords, Axes, Two-Handed Swords, Two-Handed Axes

The Ranger Class
Those who wish to take the title of the Ranger are those who wish to specialize in long ranged attacks, heavy damage per second, and swift yet stealthy movements. The three classes of The Ranger Class are: Hunter=>Archer/Assassin=>Sharpshooter/Shadow-Walker.

==>Lv.1 Hunter <==

The Hunters rely on using daggers and bows. They are skilled in the arts of long ranged shooting and can defend themselves in close combat with daggers. They are one of the weaker defense classes but their damage makes up for it.

-Example of Abilities -
Hawk Eyes - THe user will go into a complete state of focus increasing the precision and steady-ness of a bow and arrow for more accurate strikes.
Pierce - The user will focus power to the tip of an arrow causing the arrow to cause more damage.

-Equipment of Choice-
Bows, Arrows, Daggers

==>Lv.2 Archer/Assassin <==

After reaching a certain level of the Hunter, one is to choose from heavy damage per second damage or stealth.

(Archer) Archers are well known for the damage output they have. They are one of the more powerful classes out of the level 2 ranks. These rangers use bows and arrows to do heavy piercing damage and carry around daggers to protect themselves from close combat. However, with such power comes the loss of defense - they remain as one of the  defenseless classes. It takes great skill to be an archer.

-Example of Abilities-
Armor Piercing Strike - The user will shoot an empowered arrow which pierces heavy armor and deals heavy damage.
Force Shower - THe user will shoot out a magical arrow into the sky which will disperse into countless other arrows which rain down upon a short range for a short time.

-Equipment of Choice-
Daggers, Bows, Arrows

(Assassin) Assassins are well known for their sneaky skills and quick assassinations. They are a very annoying class to all other classes as they have the abilities to stealth away from danger, rush behind their enemies and go in for a quick kill.

-Example of Abilities-
Stealth - Goes invisible for a short time - if the user is to attack an enemy, the invisibility will wear off.
Silent Assassination - When the user strikes an enemy while in stealth, the enemy will take more damage than usual.

-Equipment of Choice-

==>Lv.2.5 Thief <==

Reaching the final level of the Hunter Class would mean one swears allegiance to the Kingdom. Those who do not wish to pledge their loyalty to the Kings of Phantaysia and either wish to be apart of the Forest or Neutral can take part in a new class. For the Hunter Class, this slight upgrade results to Thief. The thief class is similar to that of the assassin class however they do not do as much damage. The thief class is more stealth and speed over power - They are very well known to be capable of stealing anything of any value with a very low chance of being caught. Thieves also have the ability to use alchemy like properties, they can take what they've stolen and use a magical force to create new items to use in battle.

-Example of Abilities-
Stolen Goods - This allows the user to take what they've stolen and mix them to create strange things.
Stealth - It is the same stealth as assassins, however, they stay in stealth for much longer.

-Equipment of Choice-
Random Items

==>Lv.3 Sharpshooter or Shadow Walker <==

Achieving a mastery in the Hunter class will result in an upgrade. Those who have taken the position as Archer will become Sharpshooters. Those who have taken the position as Assassin will become Shadow Walkers.

(Sharpshooter) The sharpshooter is the 'sniper' class. These heavy yet accurate shooters are well known for their high amounts of damage per second. They can pierce through most armor and facing a sharpshooter without being prepared will result in a fatal end.The sharpshooters are capable of using new found items called firearms. These are musket like guns, they take a while to load up but when they're fired, they are deadly.  

-Examples of Abilities-
One-Two Shot - The user will fire a bullet or arrow that pierces through all armor and causes damage as if the enemy wasn't wearing any to begin with  
Cannon Barrage - The user will fire a super charged bullet that will disperse into a countless amount of smaller bullets as it makes contact to enemy target.

-Equipment of Choice-
Firearms, Bows, Arrows, Daggers

(Shadow Walker) The shadow walker is an advancement to the assassin class.  These darkstalkers can stealth even allies  and their stealth lasts much longer. They have special made daggers that leech life and restore their own health.

-Example of Abilities-
Sap - This ability allows shadow walkers to sap the energy of enemies and regain their own.
Shroud- This ability allows shadow walkers to stealth themselves and allies.

-Equipment of Choice-
Daggers, Bows, Arrows, Firearms

The Support Class
Those who wish to be apart of the support class are those who do not wish to fight but to help in fights. These support classes are made to heal allies and use nature and holy  magic to fend for themselves. The Support Classes are: Acolyte => Cleric/Sage => Prophet/Shaman.

==>Lv.1 Acolyte <==

Acolytes are a supportive class. They rely on using energy to heal themselves and allies and usually cant fend for themselves in battle.

-Example of Abilities-
Heal - Heals self or allies.
Defensive Boost - Buffs allies to give them a defensive boost.

-Equipment of Choice-
Hammers, Staves.

==>Lv.2 Cleric or Sage <==

Those who advance in the Acolyte Class get an upgrade. This upgrade determines whether the user will use holy magic or nature magic.

(Cleric) The Cleric is a user of holy magic. Just like the Acolyte, the Cleric heals and supports his/her allies. They also have holy magic which is powerful rejection magic that heals allies but curses enemies.

-Example of Abilities-
Revitalize - Refreshes the health and stamina of all nearby allies.
Stat Boost - Buffs allies to have a slight boost in all stats for a short time.

-Equipment of Choice-
Hammers, Staves

(Sage) The sage is much different from the Acolyte. The sage has the power of nature and can use the essence of nature to transform into certain animals (In this state: Bird, Fish, or Ape). The sages still have healing properties but rely on transforming and using natural energy to assist allies and defeat enemies.

-Example of Abilities-
Natures Gift - Allows the user to transform into a bird, wolf, or bear for a short time. Each state grants a bonus in stats.
Healing Wind - The user uses magical powers that intertwine with nature itself and cause a healing wind that heals all allies around the user.

-Equipment of Choice-
Hammer, Staves.

==>Lv.2.5 Bard <==

Reaching the final level of the Support Class would mean one swears allegiance to the Kingdom. Those who do not wish to pledge their loyalty to the Kings of Phantaysia and either wish to be apart of the Forest or Neutral can take part in a new class. For the Support Class, this slight upgrade results to Bard. The bard uses musical energy to heal and assist nearby allies. The music can also be deadly for his enemies as a bard has the ability to ensnare foes or make them fall asleep.

-Examples of Abilities-
Lullaby - High chance of making an enemy fall to sleep - the musical notes still do damage regardless if the enemy is knocked into a sleep state.
Requiem - High chance of making an enemy flee from battle - The musical notes still do damage regardless if the enemy is knocked into a fear state.

-Equipment of Choice-
Musical instruments, Hammers, Staves

==>Lv.3 Prophet or Shaman <==

Those who achieve mastery in support class can be upgraded to the final level: Prophet or Shaman.

(Prophet) Like the Cleric, the prophet has holy magic that rejects enemies and heals allies. The Prophet can do massive amounts of healing and buffs to nearby allies and self. The holy magic that a prophet has is on par with the wizard's class destructive magic.  

-Example of Abilities-
Divine Grace - Fully heals all allies and grants them a stat boost for all stats for a short time.
Divine Rejection - Creates a shield from holy magic that rejects all whom the user feels is a threat.

-Equipment of Choice-
Staves, Hammer

(Shaman) The Shaman are one with nature. They are far more advanced in the art of nature than Sages. The Shaman are capable of turning into either Phoenix, Shark, or Bear. Each state grants the user a massive boost in states. They are still capable of using nature energy to support and heal allies and are a great asset to any team.

-Example of abilties-
Nature's Gift - The ability to grant buffs on self and transform to either Phoenix, Shark, or Bear.
Forest of Life - Creates a large seal on the floor that heals all within the seal to full health.

-Equipment of Choice-
Staves, Hammer

The Spellcaster Class
Those who take the title of Spellcaster are those who give up melee combat and defense for highly destructive and elemental magic. The three levels of the spellcaster are: Mage => Wizard/Necromancer => Archmage/Demon-Lord.

=>Lv.1 Mage <=

Mages are heavy damage per second classes. They rely on powerful spells and tricks to shoot down their enemies with magical powers. They are quite the foes to face against no matter what class you may be. Mages start off with basic magical skills which without are useless in battle.

-Example of Abilities-
Magical Chain - Sends out a magical chain that locks in place a single enemy target.
Magical Burst - Sends out a burst of energy that damages all enemies in a certain distance.

=>Lv.2 Wizard or Necromancer <=

Those who reach a certain understanding of the Mage Class will come across new powers. These powers are either the powers of elemental destruction or dark arts that can summon demons.

(Wizard) Those who take the powers of elemental destruction become Wizards. Wizards are powerful with many different magical skills that range from all elements. They have abilities to control fire, lightning, ice, water, etc.

-Example of Abilities-
Fire Arrow - Shoots a blast of fire magic.
Ice Storm - Conjures up a blizzard that damages all enemies with frost magic.

-Equipment of Choice-
Staves, Rods, Tomes, Enchanted Clothing

(Necromancer)  Those who wish to take the dark arts will become necromancers. Necromancers are fearsome foes that are capable of summoning demons and using dark destructive magic.

-Example of Abilities-
Summon: Summons a lich king, a ferocious beast, or a demon.
Doom: Barrages the enemy with dark energy that causes enemies to gain horrific images which cause them to be temporarily stunned or feared.

-Equipment of Choice-
Rods, staves, Enchanted Clothing.  

=>Lv.2.5 Illusionist <=

Reaching the final level of the Spellcaster Class would mean one swears allegiance to the Kingdom. Those who do not wish to pledge their loyalty to the Kings of Phantaysia and either wish to be apart of the Forest or Neutral can take part in a new class. For the Spellcaster Class, this slight upgrade results to Illusionist.  The Illusionist Class is a class that manipulates reality. An Illusionist has the capability to make one believe they are in a completely different world all while sending out dark bursts of magic to drive their enemies insane. They aren't as powerful as the wizards or necromancers, but once you are caught in their spell, good luck getting out.

-Examples of Abilities-
Insanity - The user blasts the enemy with dark energy that is not harmful. The dark energy seeps inside any open wounds or openings of the body, get in the nervous system and travel to the brain. Once to the brain - the enemy will begin seeing horrific images that will cause those weak-willed to go insane.
Doppleganger - Creates after images of the user.

=>Lv.3 Archmage or Demon-Lord <=

When one reaches mastery of Wizardry or Necromancy, one comes to the point of leveling up to the next class. For those who are wizard, they become Archmages, for those who are necromancers, they become Demon Lords.

(Archmage) The Archmage is one of the most powerful classes. They have destructive abilities that will burst any enemy down. They can use multiple spells at once and still do fatal damage. They are powerful but completely lack the skills to defend for themselves.

-Example of Abilities-
Destruction - Sends out a barrage of multi-elemental burst of magic which result in a minor explosion. All enemies who take the direct impact are stunned for a very short time.
Judgment - Calls upon the divine judgment which sends down a large burst of non-elemental magic down upon all enemies.

-Equipment of Choice-
Enchanted Clothing, Staves, Rods, Tomes

(Demon-Lord) The Demon Lord is a far more advanced necromancer. They are capable of summoning even more creature that are more powerful than before . These Demon-Lords can sap the energy of their summons to heal themselves and can make them go berserk granting summons 2x the amount of power for a short time.

-Example of Abilities-
Hell-Beast: Summons a hell-beast that is hard to defeat but easy to control.
Berserk: Makes all summons go berserk.

-Equipment of Choice-
Enchanted Clothing, Staves, Rods, Tomes.
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