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The World of Phantaysia

Rough Draft of the Current Map:


Terbia is a very mountainous area, hard to get by for those who aren't experienced. Terbia holds two major villages high above the Forsaken Mountains.

Village Name: Eemia
Location: To the very north-west of Phantaysia
Specialty: The people of Eemia specialize highly in art! No matter the art of music, paintings, or any other skill - this is the place to go for the art district.  

Village Name: Larbeto
Location:  To the east of Eemia
Specialty: Larbeto specializes - uhh...Rather, not specialize but notorious for the gang life and slums of Phantaysia. They are notorious for things like stealing purses, shanking people, jumping borders or smuggling, and just doing lots of illegal stuff. Larbeto has the highest crime and drug rate of all Phantaysia. Not quite the place to go if you aren't prepared.

Lumen is of the 'light' kingdom. The Lumenites believe that the Magus Forest should stay and not be harmed and just let the fate of the Divines remain in place, as it was always destined to be. Lumen has One major city and Village whereas Darb is a resting place for those crossing from Terbia to Lumen.

Village Name: Darb
Location: Just south of the border from Terbia
Specialty: Darb is well famous for their luxurious inns, all people from all around will visit Lumen just to take a day in Darb. Other than that and their pastry skills , thats about it for Darb.

City ame: Tehan
Location: South-East of Darb
Specialty: The Tehan people are very well known for their crimson red hair, witty comments, and rude behaviors. The Tehans are extremely talented in theatrical arts and are the first to create the sport "Lich-Stick" - A fellow necromancer summons a lich, those who are up have to go poke it and run as fast as they can before the Lich can harm them. If they make it, they win - if they are harmed, they lose. They also created the sport Firball, one tosses a fireball and the objective is to rush to the other side of the enemy team in a limited time before having the fireball explode. They are to this day the only City to have a large stadium for sports.

Village Name: Cyr
Location: To the very west of Phantaysia.
Specialty: The people of Cyr specialize in the sea life. They are the types of people who fish all day, have lobsters for pets, and make really good seafood. They also have a carriage service where one can pay the driver of the carriage a certain amount to go anywhere in Phantaysia.

Onam is a very..mysterious place. Not much people know of it for all there are are a bunch of abandoned mines and an impassable ancient temple. Onam has two towns and the Christi Temple.

Village Name: Elimy
Location: To the east, past the border of Lumen and Christi Temple.
Specialty: The people of Elimy are amazingly talented with sketches. One look at any picture and they can put it on a piece of paper without one detail wrong. The Elimyians have a thick accent, they speak with what they call the 'Nadle' accent. They over exaggerate some letters and make their accent very thick. Elimy is also well known for having an ancient kingdom abandoned ages ago and now is a historical sight.

Village Name: Eglen
Location: North of Elimy
Specialty: The people of Eglen are very quick learners. They hold many schools and universities in various arts and skills, namely numbers.  Eglen, just like Elimy, also holds an ancient kingdom untouched by time and left abandoned.

The Nyx oppose Lumen. They feel that the forest should be destroyed and all the divines should retrieve their immortality from the life essence of the forest. The Nyxians, like the Lumenites, are highly discriminant  against half breeds however, Nyxians are more cruel to half-breeds than Lumenites. Nyx holds one village and two cities.

Village Name; Demar
Locaiton: To the north of Elgen, one must travel around by boat seeing as the forest is to thick and dangerous to pass.
Specialty: The Demar people have a large stable full of horses, apple trees, and the ancient library of the divines.

Village Name: Sohjo
Location: North east of Demar.
Specialty: Sohjo is home to the night life. They have large gambling houses and 'love' hotels. Those who enjoy the party life would enjoy their visit here.

Village Name: Faytin
Location: To the West of Sohjo and a little east from Larbetto.
Specialty: Nobody really knows much about Faytin. They keep to themselves and are said to hold many secrets the world needs to know about the events that have occured in Phantaysia.

The Magus Forest
The Magus Forest is an ancient forest created by the Tree of Beginnings. Nobody really knows the true origins of the forest, all there is to know is that the half-breeds and other mystical creatures originate from there. They are lead by the Forest King Cathal the Panther, a fierce leader who has protected the forest thus far from the tragedies of war. The depths of the forest are still unknown to all.
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January 24, 2012